startHere.php (v2.8): This small program test your web server settings if they prohibit installing the Leuven-template.

You only need to run this program in step3 of the install procedure.
Do not run this program after adapting the settings files, only when asked by support.
step 1 checking: $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]: result = OK step 2.1 checking: PHP version: 8.2.10 result = OK step 2.2 checking: CURL support: result = OK step 3.1 checking: file_exists: result = OK step 3.2 checking: chdir: result = OK step 3.3 checking: file_put_contents: result = OK step 3.4 checking: chmod: result = OK step 3.5 checking: unlink: result = OK step 3.6 checking: json support gauges earthquakes: result = OK step 4.1 checking: load xml from test site : result = OK
step 4.1 first 100 data chars of retrieved xml =
<!-- My Leuven-Template Weather Display 10.37R-277 --> <!-- YOWINDOW XML - PWS SPECS yowin
step 4.2 checking: load xml from metar site : result = ERROR 4.2 load xml from metar site failed, no data or to few data charsFATAL There are fatal errors
copy the output on this screen to an email and sent it to